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YakDAO was formed, bought, and amassed a luxurious eco-friendly paradise in Brevard, NC in 2022.

In 2023, the campground was taking bookings with five short term rental units (bell tents). 

Fast forward to 2024. We have since launched the $YAKS token and are in the final phases of rennovated Yak Eco Camp, with four-season domes, bathrooms and kitchens. For a reminder on the $YAKS purpose, please read why the token exists. 


With the recent stats of glamping’s explosive growth taking center stage, $YAKS TGE and onslaught of community needs, one of the YakDAO members has booked out three domes for THE ENTIRE month of June and decided to pay it forward to the DAO.

The member, who chose to remain anonymous, asked to relay this quote, “The team is working their assess off to open this year, which is what matters.. once the buybacks of YakDAO is realized as a real utility, bear or bull, there is no stopping YakDAO. This gesture is merely a taste of what’s to come and it’s coming faster than anyone realizes. I have all the faith in the world the team will amass a large property portfolio quickly.” 

Time after time, the community has shown to be the true MVP of the DAO. 

Property #1 Projections:

Brevard, NC: 20 Domes – $450,000 in potential buybacks from occupancy revenues in one calendar year. 

Those new to project, YakDAO is a for-profit DAO intending to scale and repeat sustainable and ethical land monetization globally, through the forms of healthier and higher-end places to stay, work and live.