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Hey, YakDAO family!

We’re on the brink of something……


YakDAO is officially teaming up with TrustSwap and DuckDAO to launch our most ambitious project yet. We also plan on dropping a third major launch pad soon. Here’s why we’re stoked about this collaboration:

Launchpad #1: Launch Date March 7th

TrustSwap: A DeFi Powerhouse

TrustSwap is revolutionizing how we secure and streamline crypto transactions. With their suite of DeFi tools — from launchpads to escrow services — they’re making the crypto space safer and more accessible. Their track record? Impressive. With an average 24x return on investment for launchpad projects and a platform that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in DeFi, they’re the perfect partner for us.

In 2021, TrustSwap expanded its ecosystem by acquiring The Crypto App, one of the most downloaded crypto apps globally. This strategic move not only broadened TrustSwap’s reach but also enhanced service offerings, making a more comprehensive DeFi toolkit. The Crypto App provides users with a powerful tool for tracking cryptocurrency data, managing portfolios, and receiving market alerts, thereby streamlining the user experience for both novice and experienced traders a like​​​​.

For those interested in the DeFi space, whether you’re a project looking to launch or an investor seeking early access to promising ventures, TrustSwap offers a robust platform with a variety of tools to meet your needs. Their commitment to security, transparency, and innovation has made them a go-to solution for many within the cryptocurrency community.

Read our featured write up on TrustSwap.

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Launchpad #2: Launch Date March 18th

DuckDAO: The Community-Driven Crypto Incubator

DuckDAO isn’t just about investment; it’s about building a community that lifts promising crypto projects off the ground. With a decentralized approach, they’ve been behind some of the most exciting projects in the space. From presales to IDOs, DuckDAO brings a wealth of experience and a powerful community to the table. Their members don’t just invest; they believe in and support projects for the long haul.

DuckDAO is a standout decentralized marketing community in the crypto space, known for its commitment to discovering and promoting promising crypto projects. Since its inception in 2016, DuckDAO has grown to be trusted by over 25,000 investors and continues to aim for further growth and innovations in 2024​​​​.

DuckDAO offers various ways for community members to get involved, including exciting presales through Inner Clubs or IDOs on Duckstarter, and the DuckBoost Program, designed for those interested in creating buzz for upcoming projects. They also provide a comprehensive tier list for different levels of involvement, requiring members to stake DD tokens to access certain tiers and participate in specific activities​​​​.

Notably, DuckDAO has achieved remarkable success with its incubations, reaching an average market capitalization of 1 billion at their peak, with projects like Bloktopia, Bondly, and Poolz standing out as noteworthy beneficiaries of DuckDAO’s support​​.

For projects looking to launch with DuckDAO, they offer a complete suite of services beyond just funding. This includes marketing, advisory, branding, tokenomics, listing, and second-round funding support.

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Launchpad 3:

YakDAO continues to receive offers from additional launchpads. For our third option, we will be looking for pads that fit in with YakDAO’s brand, business model and overall project vision. We will be finalizing sections and share with the community soon!

What Does YakDAO + Trustswap + DuckDAO Mean?

This isn’t just about launching a new project. It’s about reshaping the future of DeFi and blockchain technology. With TrustSwap’s innovative platform and DuckDAO’s community-driven approach, we’re poised to introduce groundbreaking YAK projects to the market.

  • Early Access: Get in on the ground floor of the most promising DeFi projects.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from the combined expertise of TrustSwap’s and DuckDAO’s teams.
  • Community Strength: Join a vibrant community of investors, innovators, and crypto enthusiasts.

How to Get Involved
Stay tuned to our social media channels and official communications for updates on how you can participate in our upcoming projects. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto investor or new to the space, there’s a place for you in our growing ecosystem.

Let’s Summit Everest Together

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This is more than an announcement; it’s an invitation to be part of something transformative. We can’t wait to embark on this journey with you. Let’s do this! 🚀