Become a member of the community offering membership ownership of camping and glamping properties. Collectively, we  shape the future of recreational property ownership,
conservation, and management.

beta NFT


533 Total - 2.5 Eth
A seldom known fact is Mauna Kea is actually the largest mountain in the world coming in at almost 33,500 feet from the sea floor. All the perks of Everest Yaks plus, 10X the voting rights (60 votes), exclusive first rights to bid on future projects. If you’re serious about investing in recreational use property, you need this tier.


4242 Total - .5 Eth
Mount Everest is the highest elevation point in the world and is the pinnacle of mountaineering. All the perks of K2 YAKS plus, 10% discount off bookings on YAKDAO properties, 5X the voting rights (12 votes), 1 Free night per year at any YAKDAO property, Access to bid on future fractional land membership NFT’s. If you want to work and play in the most amazing places on earth, this membership is the ticket.


5225 Total - .05 Eth
K2 is the second highest elevation point in the world and is the highest point anyone has skied from. K2 YAKS NFT owners receive commission free bookings, 5% discount off bookings on YAKDAO properties, Governance rights via 1 vote, Access and discounts to the YAKDAO outdoors experience network, Access to members only discord channel. If you plan to stay a week or so each year, your membership will pay for itself quickly!

YAKDAO members will have outdoor recreation apparel and accesories

YAKDAO is partnered with and offers exclusive discounts

YAK FEST will be held annually starting in 2023. Live music & good times

YAKDAO properties will offer additional parking for those who want it

On-site glamping locations will come with amenities

We believe that YAKDAO will be the first DAO to acquire/operate outdoors recreational properties while also enabling potential blockchain technology to be integrated with the finances and logistics of the operation. YAKDAO is truly one of a kind and first to market.