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$YAKS Token

$Yaks token – the lifeblood of the YakDAO ecosystem. This innovative decentralized currency is community-led and has the potential to reach millions of users worldwide.

$Yaks is launching on a low cost high speed chain to be determined by the DAO. The $Yaks token is the key to unlocking the full potential of YakDAO and its unique investment opportunities.

What’s particularly exciting about $Yaks is that it’s backed by real-world glamping properties, providing a tangible asset that helps to stabilize its value. As the YakDAO community invests in more properties, the buy-back of $Yaks tokens will increase, creating a positive feedback loop that benefits all investors. This unique model makes $Yaks an attractive option for investors looking for a secure and profitable cryptocurrency with a strong foundation.

The $Yaks token is a game-changer for the cryptocurrency world, offering investors a chance to invest in tangible, real-world assets while benefiting from the power of decentralized finance. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the YakDAO community and be a part of this exciting new movement.

$YAKS token purpose

The purpose of the $YAK token is to create value for members who may or may not want to invest in the real estate, but want to invest in the YAK brand.

The token will have a strong deflationary model where a percentage of revenue generated from each property will go towards YAK token buy backs.

YAK properties project to scale to significant buybacks annually as the DAO continues acquiring high margin recreational real estate properties.

Develop a sustainable funding mechanism to scale property development and future property acquisitions

The token sale will fund the purchase of additional DAO owned domes on property #1 (Brevard, NC)

Provide value to the community, early contributors, and stakers of $YAKS token.


30% of DAO revenue dedicated to bi-monthly $YAKS buybacks to fund staking pools

Sustainable deflationary staking

Bought back tokens fund staking rewards to $YAKS stakers.


Top tier token holders will be invited to Governance Committee


A percentage of protocol revenue will be used to buy back and burn off of the open market.

Innovative Staking Opportunities

Stake $YAKS to earn $YAKS
Stake $YAKS to earn NFTs
Stake $YAKS to win free nights at the glamping property
Stake $YAKS to attend YAK Fest

Yak Fest and Meet Ups

Governance Committee and top stakers will be invited to yearly YAK Fest meet ups