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Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brevard, North Carolina, is a picturesque haven that promises an unforgettable experience for outdoor enthusiasts, art lovers, and foodies alike. Surrounded by lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and awe-inspiring mountain vistas, Brevard is a gateway to adventure, beckoning visitors to explore the scenic beauty of Pisgah National Forest, Dupont State Recreational Forest, and the majestic Blue Ridge Parkway. This charming mountain town boasts a thriving arts scene, featuring a diverse array of galleries, studios, and cultural events that celebrate the region’s rich artistic heritage.

Brevard’s vibrant culinary landscape offers a delightful blend of traditional Appalachian flavors and contemporary cuisine, with farm-to-table restaurants, craft breweries, and cozy cafes that showcase the best of local and sustainable ingredients. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly residents make Brevard a perfect destination for those seeking a laid-back escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re hiking through pristine wilderness, strolling through the lively downtown area, or savoring a delicious meal at a local eatery, Brevard, North Carolina, is sure to captivate your heart and leave you with lasting memories of your visit to this enchanting mountain retreat.

Proximity to Major Cities

The closest major airports to Brevard, North Carolina, are:

Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) – Located approximately 20 miles (32 kilometers) northeast of Brevard, AVL is a relatively small airport but offers several commercial flights, primarily to major hubs in the Eastern United States.
Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) – Situated around 64 miles (103 kilometers) southeast of Brevard, GSP serves the Greenville-Spartanburg metropolitan area in South Carolina and offers more flight options, including both domestic and a few international flights.
Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) – Located approximately 125 miles (201 kilometers) east of Brevard, CLT is a major international airport and a significant hub for domestic flights. It offers a wide variety of flight options, including international destinations.
While Asheville Regional Airport is the closest to Brevard, depending on your point of origin and travel preferences, you might find better flight options or connections through Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport or Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Here are approximate driving distances from Brevard, North Carolina, to some nearby major cities:

Asheville, NC – Approximately 35 miles (56 kilometers) northeast of Brevard, taking around 45 minutes to 1 hour by car via US-64 E and I-26 E.
Greenville, SC – Approximately 55 miles (89 kilometers) southeast of Brevard, taking around 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes by car via US-276 S and US-25 S.
Charlotte, NC – Approximately 125 miles (201 kilometers) east of Brevard, taking around 2 hours and 15 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes by car via I-85 S and NC-49.
Atlanta, GA – Approximately 160 miles (257 kilometers) southwest of Brevard, taking around 2 hours and 45 minutes to 3 hours by car via I-85 S.
Knoxville, TN – Approximately 130 miles (209 kilometers) northwest of Brevard, taking around 2 hours and 15 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes by car via I-40 W and US-74 W.

Hiking Trails for All Levels

Brevard, North Carolina, is a hiker’s paradise. With numerous trails in Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Recreational Forest, and Gorges State Park, there are options for everyone, from casual strollers to experienced hikers. Some popular trails include Looking Glass Rock, Moore Cove Falls, and the Art Loeb Trail.

Brevard, North Carolina is known for its scenic landscapes and is surrounded by various hiking trails that cater to all levels of hikers. Here are the top ten hiking trails around Brevard, NC:

Looking Glass Rock Trail: This 6.4-mile round-trip hike takes you to the summit of Looking Glass Rock, offering stunning views of the surrounding Pisgah National Forest.
Art Loeb Trail: A challenging 30.1-mile trail that traverses some of the most scenic areas in Pisgah National Forest, including Black Balsam Knob and Tennent Mountain.
Moore Cove Falls Trail: This short 1.2-mile round-trip hike takes you to a beautiful waterfall, Moore Cove Falls, which is especially impressive after heavy rainfall.
Pink Beds Loop Trail: A relatively flat 5.1-mile loop hike through lush forests, meadows, and alongside scenic streams in the Pisgah National Forest.
Cat Gap Loop Trail: This 4.4-mile loop trail takes you through dense forests, beside creeks, and offers great views of the surrounding mountains in Pisgah National Forest.
John Rock Trail: A 5.0-mile loop trail that takes you up to John Rock, a granite outcropping with panoramic views of Looking Glass Rock and the surrounding Pisgah National Forest.
Twin Falls Trail: A 4.3-mile round-trip hike that takes you to two beautiful waterfalls, Henry Branch Falls and Cedar Rock Falls, located in the Eastatoe Creek area.
Black Balsam Knob and Tennent Mountain Loop: This 5-mile loop hike takes you through high-elevation balds and offers spectacular 360-degree views from Black Balsam Knob and Tennent Mountain.
Graveyard Fields Loop Trail: A 3.2-mile loop hike that takes you through a unique high-elevation valley, featuring waterfalls, wildflowers, and blueberry bushes.
Slick Rock Falls Trail: A short 0.7-mile round-trip hike that leads you to the lovely Slick Rock Falls, a 35-foot waterfall in the Pisgah National Forest.

Mountain Biking Adventures

Mountain bikers can find miles of exhilarating trails in Brevard. Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Recreational Forest are favorite destinations, offering challenging and scenic rides. Beginners can try their hand at the easier trails in Bracken Mountain Preserve.

Brevard, North Carolina is a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts, boasting numerous trails that cater to riders of all skill levels. Here are the top ten mountain bike trails near Brevard, NC:

Dupont State Forest: Dupont offers a vast network of trails with varying difficulty levels. Some of the most popular trails include Ridgeline, Big Rock, and Cedar Rock, which provide a mix of fast flowy descents and technical rock features.
Pisgah National Forest: With over 400 miles of trails, Pisgah National Forest is a mountain biker’s paradise. Some favorites include Black Mountain, Sycamore Cove, and Pilot Rock.
Bent Creek Experimental Forest: Located near Asheville, Bent Creek offers a variety of trails suitable for beginners to advanced riders. Popular trails include Green’s Lick, Ingles Field Gap, and Little Hickory Top.
Bracken Mountain Preserve: This 7.2-mile loop trail takes riders through beautiful wooded terrain with challenging climbs and fast descents, providing a thrilling ride for intermediate to advanced mountain bikers.
Turkey Pen Gap: This trail system in Pisgah National Forest features technical singletrack and challenging climbs, with trails like South Mills River and Mullinax being popular among experienced riders.
Brevard Bike Path: A multi-use trail that runs through the heart of Brevard, this 5-mile path is perfect for beginners and families looking for a leisurely ride.
Laurel Mountain/Pilot Cove Loop: This challenging 16-mile loop offers steep climbs, technical descents, and beautiful views of the Pisgah National Forest.
Squirrel Gap Trail: A 12-mile singletrack trail in Pisgah National Forest, Squirrel Gap offers a mix of challenging climbs and fast, flowy descents.
Trace Ridge: This 5.5-mile trail located in Pisgah National Forest provides a fun and technical ride with plenty of rock gardens, roots, and switchbacks to keep advanced riders entertained.
Kitsuma Trail: A 10-mile out-and-back trail located near Black Mountain, Kitsuma features a steady climb followed by a thrilling, fast descent with tight switchbacks and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
These trails showcase the diverse terrain and incredible mountain biking opportunities available near Brevard, making it an ideal destination for riders of all skill levels.

Don’t have a bike? No problem!

There are several bike rental shops in and around Brevard, NC, that cater to both mountain bikers and casual cyclists. Here are a few options to consider:

The Hub and Pisgah Tavern: Located near the entrance to Pisgah National Forest, The Hub offers a wide selection of mountain bikes for rent, as well as a bike shop and a tavern where you can grab a drink after your ride. Address: 11 Mama’s Place, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768
Sycamore Cycles: With two locations, one in downtown Brevard and another in Pisgah Forest, Sycamore Cycles offers mountain bike rentals, along with a full-service bike shop and expert advice on local trails. Address: 112 W. Main St, Brevard, NC 28712 and 5063 US-276, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768
Squatch Bikes & Brews: Located in downtown Brevard, Squatch Bikes & Brews offers a selection of mountain bike rentals, as well as a bike shop, a coffee shop, and a taproom featuring local craft beers. Address: 170 King St, Brevard, NC 28712
Oskar Blues REEB Ranch: Situated near DuPont State Recreational Forest, Oskar Blues REEB Ranch offers mountain bike rentals and a bike park, as well as lodging and event facilities. Address: 315 Shoal Falls Farm Road, Hendersonville, NC 28739
Crank Arm Rickshaw: Though primarily a pedicab service, Crank Arm Rickshaw also offers bike rentals, including cruisers and tandems for exploring Brevard and the surrounding area. Address: 50 Commerce St, Brevard, NC 28712
These shops provide a variety of rental options for visitors looking to explore Brevard’s beautiful trails and scenery by bike.

Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Climbers of all skill levels can find fantastic routes in Brevard. Looking Glass Rock, Cedar Rock, and Rumbling Bald are popular spots for both trad climbing and bouldering. Local outfitters can provide gear rentals and guided trips.

Brevard, North Carolina, is surrounded by an abundance of rock climbing spots suitable for climbers of all levels. Here are the top ten rock climbing spots near Brevard, NC:

Looking Glass Rock: One of the most iconic climbing destinations in the area, Looking Glass Rock offers excellent granite climbing on its south face. Routes include classics like The Nose (5.8) and Sundial Crack (5.8-).
Rumbling Bald: This popular climbing area near Lake Lure offers a wide variety of routes on high-quality gneiss rock, with more than 1,000 boulder problems and over 100 sport and trad routes.
Cedar Rock: Located in the Pisgah National Forest, Cedar Rock boasts high-quality granite slab climbing with routes like B-52 (5.8) and Silver Meteor (5.10c).
Linville Gorge: Often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East,” Linville Gorge offers a range of trad and sport climbing routes on quartzite rock, with classics like the Mummy Buttress (5.5) and the Daddy (5.6).
Laurel Knob: As one of the tallest crags in the Southeast, Laurel Knob features multi-pitch trad routes on granite slabs with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
Whitesides Mountain: Known for its beautiful white granite and striking exposure, Whitesides Mountain offers challenging multi-pitch trad routes, including classics like Arm and Hammer (5.12a) and The Original Route (5.11c).
Ship Rock: Located on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Ship Rock features high-quality granite climbing with a mix of trad and sport routes, such as The Good Ship Venus (5.11b) and Friends in High Places (5.10b).
Crowders Mountain: Located near Gastonia, Crowders Mountain offers a range of sport and trad climbing routes on quartzite rock, perfect for beginner to intermediate climbers.
Pilot Mountain: Situated north of Winston-Salem, Pilot Mountain is a great destination for beginner to intermediate climbers, offering numerous top-rope, sport, and trad routes on quartzite rock.
Stone Depot: Located in DuPont State Recreational Forest, Stone Depot is a small bouldering area with a variety of problems suitable for beginner to advanced climbers.
These climbing spots showcase the diverse rock types and climbing experiences available near Brevard, making it an ideal destination for climbing enthusiasts.

New to climbing? Here are some steps to help get you started.

Learning to rock climb in Brevard, NC, is an exciting and rewarding experience. Here are some steps you can follow to get started:

Visit a local climbing gym: Before heading outdoors, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with climbing techniques and equipment at an indoor climbing gym. While there isn’t a climbing gym directly in Brevard, there are several options in nearby Asheville, such as Climbmax Climbing Center and Smoky Mountain Adventure Center.
Take a climbing course or clinic: Many climbing gyms and outdoor guiding services offer introductory climbing courses or clinics that cover the basics of rock climbing, including knot tying, belaying, movement techniques, and safety procedures. Local guiding services near Brevard include:
Pisgah Climbing School (Pisgah Forest, NC)
Fox Mountain Guides (Brevard, NC)
Climbmax Mountain Guides (Asheville, NC)
Join a local climbing club or group: Connecting with other climbers in the Brevard area can help you learn from more experienced climbers and find climbing partners. Local clubs and online groups, such as the Carolina Climbers Coalition or Meetup groups, can be great resources for finding climbing events and meetups.
Invest in essential climbing gear: To get started with rock climbing, you’ll need some basic equipment, such as climbing shoes, a harness, a helmet, a belay device, and carabiners. Local gear shops in Brevard, like The Hub and Pisgah Tavern and Sycamore Cycles, can help you find the right gear for your needs.
Practice and build your skills: As you gain experience and confidence, continue to practice and challenge yourself on new routes and climbing styles. Consider taking more advanced courses or seeking mentorship from experienced climbers to further develop your skills.
Follow safety guidelines and Leave No Trace principles: Always prioritize safety when climbing outdoors and adhere to Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the environment.
By following these steps, you can develop your rock climbing skills and enjoy the amazing climbing opportunities near Brevard, NC.

Paddling on the French Broad River

Experience the beauty of the French Broad River by canoe, kayak, or paddleboard. The river’s calm sections are perfect for beginners, while experienced paddlers can challenge themselves on the exciting whitewater rapids.

Paddling the French Broad River in North Carolina is a fantastic experience, offering a mix of calm, scenic stretches and exciting whitewater sections. The river flows through the Blue Ridge Mountains, providing beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. Paddlers can enjoy a variety of wildlife, including birds, otters, and beavers, as well as picturesque forests and farmlands.

Never been paddling before? We’ve got you.


Plan your route: Determine the section of the French Broad River you’d like to paddle and the duration of your trip. The river can be paddled in sections or as a multi-day trip, with over 200 miles of navigable water.
Check weather and water conditions: Before heading out, check the local weather forecast and river conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable paddling experience.
Pack essentials: Bring a personal flotation device (PFD), paddle, dry bag, sunscreen, insect repellent, snacks, water, and any necessary safety equipment, such as a whistle or throw rope.
Dress appropriately: Wear quick-drying, moisture-wicking clothing and footwear suitable for water activities. Consider wearing a hat and sunglasses for sun protection.
Familiarize yourself with paddling techniques: If you’re new to paddling, consider taking a lesson or joining a guided trip to learn proper paddling techniques and safety procedures.

Rentals: Several outfitters in the Brevard and Asheville areas offer paddleboard, kayak, and canoe rentals, as well as guided trips and shuttle services. Some options include:

Headwaters Outfitters: Located in Rosman, NC, Headwaters Outfitters offers canoe, kayak, and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) rentals, as well as guided trips and shuttle services. Address: 25 Parkway Road, Rosman, NC 28772
White Squirrel Paddle Boards: Located in Brevard, NC, White Squirrel Paddle Boards offers SUP rentals and guided trips on the French Broad River. Address: 470 Asheville Hwy, Brevard, NC 28712
Asheville Outdoor Center: Situated in Asheville, NC, Asheville Outdoor Center provides canoe, kayak, and SUP rentals, as well as guided trips and shuttle services. Address: 521 Amboy Rd, Asheville, NC 28806
French Broad Outfitters: With multiple locations in Asheville, French Broad Outfitters offers canoe, kayak, and SUP rentals, guided trips, and shuttle services. Address: 704 Riverside Dr, Asheville, NC 28801 and 230 Hominy Creek Rd, Asheville, NC 28806
By preparing adequately and renting equipment from a local outfitter, you can enjoy a memorable paddling experience on the French Broad River, surrounded by the stunning scenery of North Carolina.

Rich Cultural Experiences

Brevard Music Center The Brevard Music Center hosts a prestigious summer music festival featuring world-class musicians and over 80 performances. Enjoy classical, opera, and popular music in an idyllic outdoor setting.

The Brevard Music Center (BMC) is a prestigious summer music institution located in Brevard, North Carolina. Established in 1936 by James Christian Pfohl, the center has a long-standing tradition of providing exceptional music education and performance opportunities for students, professional musicians, and music enthusiasts. Here’s what you should know about the Brevard Music Center:

Summer Music Institute: The heart of BMC is its Summer Music Institute, an intensive, 7-week program that offers instruction and mentorship for talented young musicians aged 14 to post-college. The institute covers various areas of music, including orchestral studies, piano, composition, voice, and opera.
Renowned Faculty and Guest Artists: The faculty at BMC consists of distinguished musicians and educators from across the United States, as well as renowned guest artists who perform and teach masterclasses throughout the summer season.
Performances and Concerts: The Brevard Music Center hosts over 80 public concerts and events during its summer season, featuring performances by student ensembles, faculty, and guest artists. Concerts include orchestral, chamber, opera, pops, jazz, bluegrass, and contemporary music.
Venues: Performances at the Brevard Music Center take place in various venues on the campus, including the open-air Whittington-Pfohl Auditorium, which has a seating capacity of approximately 1,800, the Searcy Hall, and the Thomas Hall.
Community Engagement: BMC actively engages with the local community through educational programs, outreach events, and partnerships with local schools and organizations.
Year-Round Events: Although the Summer Music Institute is the primary focus of BMC, the center also hosts a variety of events and concerts throughout the year, including the Brevard Chamber Orchestra and other performances by visiting musicians.
Beautiful Setting: The Brevard Music Center is nestled on a picturesque 180-acre wooded campus in the Blue Ridge Mountains, providing a tranquil and inspiring environment for students and visitors alike.
Alumni: Many BMC alumni have gone on to successful careers as professional musicians, educators, and leaders in the world of music, including members of major orchestras, opera companies, and chamber ensembles.
The Brevard Music Center is a vibrant and essential part of the cultural landscape in Western North Carolina, providing exceptional music education and performance experiences for students, musicians, and audiences alike.

Brevard Little Theatre Catch a live performance at Brevard Little Theatre, a vibrant community theater offering a diverse range of plays and musicals throughout the year.

Brevard Little Theatre (BLT) is a community theater located in Brevard, North Carolina. Established in 1935, BLT is one of the oldest continuously operating theaters in the area. The theater is dedicated to promoting the arts and fostering a love for theater within the local community. Here’s what you should know about Brevard Little Theatre:

Productions: BLT produces a variety of theatrical performances throughout the year, ranging from comedies and dramas to musicals and children’s plays. These productions showcase the talents of local actors, directors, designers, and technicians, providing opportunities for both experienced and aspiring theater artists to collaborate and grow.
Auditions: Brevard Little Theatre holds open auditions for its productions, encouraging community members of all ages and experience levels to participate in the creative process. Audition information can be found on BLT’s website and social media platforms.
Education and Workshops: BLT is committed to fostering a love for theater and the arts within the community by offering educational programs and workshops. These programs can include acting classes, technical theater workshops, and special events aimed at building theater skills and appreciation.
Volunteers: As a community theater, BLT relies on the support of dedicated volunteers to help with various aspects of its productions and operations, from set construction and costume design to ticket sales and marketing. Volunteering at BLT is a great way for community members to get involved and support the local arts scene.
Venue: Brevard Little Theatre is located at the American Legion Hall in Brevard, North Carolina. This intimate venue provides a unique and up-close theater experience for both audiences and performers.
Collaboration and Partnerships: BLT often collaborates with other local organizations, schools, and artists to support and enhance the arts community in Brevard and the surrounding area.
Brevard Little Theatre plays an essential role in the cultural fabric of Brevard, North Carolina, providing a welcoming and inclusive space for community members to experience and participate in the joy of live theater.

Art Galleries and Studios Brevard is home to numerous art galleries and studios showcasing the works of local and regional artists. Don’t miss the Brevard Gallery Walk, held on the first Friday of every month.

Brevard, North Carolina, is home to a vibrant arts community that includes a variety of art studios, galleries, and events showcasing local and regional artists’ work. The art scene in Brevard ranges from traditional Appalachian crafts to contemporary paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works. Here are some notable art studios, galleries, and events in Brevard, NC:

Number 7 Arts Gallery: A cooperative gallery located in downtown Brevard, Number 7 Arts features a diverse selection of work from over 30 local artists, including paintings, pottery, jewelry, woodworking, and more. The gallery hosts special events and exhibits throughout the year. Address: 2 W Main St, Brevard, NC 28712
Starfangled Press: A fine art printmaking studio and gallery, Starfangled Press offers original prints, artist books, and workshops in various printmaking techniques. The gallery also features rotating exhibitions of contemporary printmaking artists. Address: 36 W Jordan St, Brevard, NC 28712
Drew Deane Gallery: This contemporary art gallery showcases the work of artist Drew Deane, known for her abstract paintings, as well as featuring a selection of works by other regional artists. Address: 25 Caldwell St, Brevard, NC 28712
The Haen Gallery: With locations in both Asheville and Brevard, The Haen Gallery features contemporary fine art from local, regional, and national artists, including paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works. Address: 200 King St, Brevard, NC 28712
Red Wolf Gallery: This art gallery showcases the work of local and regional artists, specializing in paintings, pottery, glass, jewelry, and more. Address: 8 E Main St, Brevard, NC 28712


Brevard’s 4th Friday Gallery Walk: Held on the fourth Friday of each month from April through December, this event invites visitors to explore Brevard’s downtown galleries and studios, often featuring live music, refreshments, and special exhibits.
Brevard Art Market: This seasonal outdoor art market showcases the work of local artists and artisans, including paintings, pottery, jewelry, and crafts.
Artists and Styles: The art scene in Brevard is diverse, encompassing a wide range of styles and media. Many artists draw inspiration from the region’s natural beauty and Appalachian heritage, creating works that reflect the landscape, wildlife, and culture of Western North Carolina. While there are no internationally famous artists associated with Brevard, the local arts community is vibrant and well-regarded within the region.

Brevard, NC, boasts a rich arts scene, with numerous galleries and events showcasing a diverse array of artistic styles and talent. From traditional crafts to contemporary works, the art community in Brevard offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Delightful Local Cuisine

Farm-to-Table Dining Savor delicious, locally-sourced meals at Brevard’s farm-to-table restaurants. Notable establishments include The Square Root, Magpie Meat & Three, and Jaime’s Creole Brasserie.

The local cuisine in Brevard, NC, reflects the rich culinary traditions of the Appalachian region, with a focus on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and Southern comfort food. As a visitor to Brevard, you can expect a diverse range of dining options that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Farm-to-table restaurants are becoming increasingly popular in Brevard and the surrounding area, as more establishments focus on sustainability and supporting local farmers. These venues often serve seasonal, locally-sourced dishes with an emphasis on fresh produce, meats, and dairy products. Seafood might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the mountainous region of Western North Carolina, but Brevard offers some seafood options as well. While fresh seafood may not be as abundant as it is in coastal regions, there are restaurants that import fresh fish and other seafood to serve their customers.

Breweries and Distilleries Sample craft beers at Brevard’s breweries like Brevard Brewing Company, Ecusta Brewing, and Oscar Blues. You can also enjoy locally-made spirits at Blue Ridge Distilling and Barrel House.

The nightlife in Brevard, NC, offers a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere that reflects the small-town charm of the area. While Brevard may not have a bustling nightlife scene like larger cities, there are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy a night out.

Bars in Brevard range from cozy pubs to craft breweries, where locals and visitors can unwind with a drink and enjoy some live music or entertainment. Many of the bars and breweries in the area offer a selection of locally crafted beers, showcasing the region’s thriving craft beer scene. Some establishments also serve food, allowing patrons to enjoy a meal while they socialize and take in the local ambiance.

In addition to bars, Brevard is home to a few local breweries, such as Oskar Blues Brewery and Brevard Brewing Company. These breweries often host events, such as live music, trivia nights, and food truck gatherings, which can provide a fun and lively atmosphere for an evening out.

While Brevard doesn’t have any distilleries within the city limits, there are a number of distilleries located in the surrounding Western North Carolina region. These distilleries produce a variety of spirits, such as whiskey, gin, and moonshine, often using local ingredients and traditional Appalachian methods. Some distilleries offer tours and tastings, providing an opportunity for visitors to learn about the distilling process and sample some of the local spirits.

When visiting Brevard, it’s important to keep in mind that the nightlife scene is relatively low-key, with fewer late-night options compared to larger cities. Many establishments may close earlier in the evening, particularly during the week or in the off-peak tourist season. It’s also worth noting that the local culture in Brevard is quite friendly and welcoming, so don’t be surprised if you strike up a conversation with locals while enjoying a night out.

Sweets and Treats Satisfy your sweet tooth with homemade chocolates at Downtown Chocolates, or indulge in a scoop of Brevard’s famous White Squirrel ice cream at Kiwi Gelato.

Family Fun and Entertainment

The Silvermont Mansion and Park Explore the historic Silvermont Mansion and Park, an 8-acre estate featuring a restored Victorian-era mansion, interactive exhibits, and beautiful gardens.

The Cradle of Forestry Learn about the birthplace of American forestry at the Cradle of Forestry, an interactive museum featuring exhibits, films, and guided tours.

Brevard Rock Gym Families can enjoy a fun-filled day at Brevard Rock Gym, an indoor climbing facility offering bouldering, top-rope, and lead climbing for all ages and abilities.

Unique Wildlife and Natural Wonders

White Squirrels Witness the rare and fascinating white squir

squirrels that call Brevard home. These unique creatures can be found in the city’s parks and neighborhoods, and even have their own annual festival, the White Squirrel Festival, held each May.

The Blue Ridge Parkway Drive along the breathtaking Blue Ridge Parkway, known for its stunning views and picturesque landscapes. This iconic road winds through the heart of Brevard and offers access to numerous hiking trails and overlooks.

The Land of Waterfalls Scenic Byway Explore the Land of Waterfalls Scenic Byway, a 98-mile loop showcasing the region’s most spectacular waterfalls, including Whitewater Falls, the highest waterfall east of the Rockies.

Festivals and Events

Brevard’s White Squirrel Festival Celebrate the beloved white squirrel during this annual event, featuring live music, arts and crafts, a parade, and plenty of family-friendly activities.

Brevard’s Fourth of July Celebration Join the festivities during Brevard’s Fourth of July Celebration, complete with a parade, live music, food, and a dazzling fireworks display.

The Mountain Song Festival Experience the Mountain Song Festival, a weekend of bluegrass and acoustic music held at the Brevard Music Center, benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County.

The Charm of Downtown Brevard

Shopping and Dining Stroll through downtown Brevard’s charming streets, lined with locally-owned shops and restaurants. Discover unique gifts, antiques, and artwork while enjoying the town’s welcoming atmosphere.

Historic Architecture Admire Brevard’s beautiful historic architecture, including the Transylvania County Courthouse, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, and the Veterans History Museum of the Carolinas.

Brevard’s Murals and Public Art Explore the vibrant murals and public art installations scattered throughout downtown Brevard, showcasing the creativity and talent of local artists.

With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural experiences, delightful local cuisine, family-friendly attractions, and charming downtown, Brevard, North Carolina, offers a wealth of reasons to visit. Come and explore the Land of Waterfalls, and you’ll soon see why so many people fall in love with this picturesque mountain town.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the best time to visit Brevard, North Carolina? Brevard can be enjoyed year-round, but spring and fall offer the most comfortable temperatures and colorful scenery. Summer is also a popular time for outdoor activities and festivals.

Q2: How far is Brevard from Asheville, North Carolina? Brevard is located approximately 35 miles southwest of Asheville, making it an easy day trip or weekend getaway destination.

Q3: Are pets allowed in the national forests and parks around Brevard? Pets are generally allowed in Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Recreational Forest but must be kept on a leash. However, pets are not allowed on certain trails or in some areas, so it’s essential to check specific regulations before visiting.

Q4: Where can I find more information about Brevard’s white squirrels? The White Squirrel Institute, located in Brevard, is dedicated to the conservation and education of these unique animals. You can learn more on their website or by visiting their facility.

Q5: Can I camp in the forests and parks around Brevard? Yes, camping is allowed in Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Recreational Forest Camping is allowed in Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Recreational Forest, and Gorges State Park. There are designated campgrounds and dispersed camping options available, but be sure to check specific rules and regulations for each location.

Q6. what if i need outdoor supplies (like sleeping bags, toothpaste, contact solution, etc.) or groceries when I get to Brevard, NC? Brevard, NC has several grocery stores such as Food Lion and Ingles. You can also find a Walgreens and CVS in town. Brevard has a few stores specializing in outdoor gear and camping equipment, where you can find items like sleeping bags, camping stoves, and hiking accessories. Some options include D.D. Bullwinkel’s Outdoors and Looking Glass Outfitters, both located in downtown Brevard.