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Welcome to the fascinating universe of YakDAO, a trailblazer in the realm of digital art and blockchain technology. Have you ever wondered what sets certain NFT collections apart in a sea of digital offerings?

The YakDAO NFT collection marked a significant chapter in the convergence of digital art and outdoor experiences. With the successful completion of its presale, YakDAO has not only launched an innovative NFT series but also did a kickass job of utilizing blockchain technology. 

The Genesis of YakDAO’s NFT Collection

Originating from the creative minds at, and in collaboration with Ferrum Network, YakDAO embarked on an ambitious project. Their vision was clear – to democratize camping and glamping through the innovative use of NFTs. This journey saw the birth of a unique collection that resonates with outdoor enthusiasts and digital art collectors alike.

The Artistic Odyssey

The artistic journey that began on April 13th, 2022, culminated in a diverse array of NFTs, each representing a facet of outdoor life. The collection, crafted through several months of artistic development, encapsulates various outdoor activities and lifestyles, making each NFT a unique piece of digital art.

Minting Success and Smart Contract Innovation

YakDAO’s approach to minting and smart contract development is as unique as its art. They’ve employed ERC-721A smart contracts, optimized for gas efficiency and individual uniqueness. This technical prowess ensures that each NFT is not just a piece of art but a narrative in itself, with metadata that tells its own story.

A Tiered System for NFT Membership Inclusivity and Exclusivity

YakDAO offers a tiered NFT system, featuring Mauna Kea, Everest, and K2 levels, each with its price point and set of perks. This system caters to a diverse range of enthusiasts, from those seeking discounts and governance rights to investors interested in turnkey recreational real estate holdings.

YakDAO’s Unique NFT Presale Strategy

The presale strategy of YakDAO stands out in the NFT space, managing a private presale, allowing investors to contribute ETH prior to the creation of the smart contract, and ensuring a smooth transition into the public launch.

YakDAO’s tiered NFT system, featuring Mauna Kea, Everest, and K2 levels, has been a resounding success. The presale and subsequent public launch saw the minting of 1,044 NFTs, comprising 530 Everest, 412 K2’s, and 80 Mauna Kea NFTs. This achievement underscores the collection’s diverse appeal and the community’s enthusiasm.

Community and Engagement

YakDAO’s vision extends beyond NFTs; it’s about building a community passionate about the outdoors. The collection aims to forge emotional connections with holders, envisioning a future where digital and real-life experiences merge seamlessly.

With the help of the community, fun Yak meme’s and even a “steal his look” community engagement has been adding additional flair to the collection. 

Looking Back and Moving Forward

With the INO phase behind them, YakDAO continues to welcome new members into its fold. Each NFT holder is not just an investor but an integral part of a movement that celebrates the convergence of technology, art, and the great outdoors.

When asking founder, David Woodbury, “What’s the plan with the NFT collection,” he responded with: 

“We’re currently prepping property #1 for Winter, and all hands on deck for TGE. We have the best community in Crypto, and we want to ensure we stay on track. All current members are very excited about TGE with current market conditions. New members will be able to purchase NFTs on the secondary market now, or look for announcements on TG and Twitter shortly after our token launch.”