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YakDAO is revolutionizing real estate investment by integrating blockchain technology with luxury glamping experiences. By launching the $YAKS token, YakDAO offers fractional ownership in high-yield recreational properties, a market traditionally accessible only to wealthy investors. This approach not only opens investment opportunities to a broader audience but also incorporates sustainable tourism practices. The blend of blockchain and real estate represents a significant shift in property investment, making it more accessible, transparent, and community-driven.


  • Innovators: Seed investors who purchased $YAKS at $0.0125.
  • Early Adopters: Private round participants, buying $YAKS at $0.025.
  • Early Majority: Public sale participants, with $YAKS priced at $0.05, expected to launch in February 2024.
  • Late Majority & Laggards: Potential future investors and stakeholders post-public launch.
  • Application: YakDAO has structured its tokenomics to incentivize early investment and ensure a balanced distribution of tokens, fostering a gradual and sustainable adoption rate.


  • Introduction: Seed round closure and initiation of property acquisition and development.
  • Growth: Private and public token sales to fund and scale property development.
  • Maturity: Stabilization of $YAKS token value as properties generate revenue and the ecosystem matures.
  • Decline: Mitigated by strategic reinvestments and new initiatives.
  • Application: The tokenomics reflect a strategy designed to support YakDAO’s growth and expansion, leveraging blockchain for revenue generation and distribution.


  • Red Ocean: Traditional timeshares and real estate investment trusts (REITs).
  • Blue Ocean: Blockchain-driven investment model offering fractional ownership through $YAKS tokens and NFTs.
  • Application: YakDAO is creating a new market space, allowing for transparent, fractional ownership of the high-yield recreational properties, enhanced by blockchain technology through tokenomics.


  • Key Partners: Early investors, Ferrum.Network, communities.
  • Key Activities: Token and STR revenues, property management, and developing experiential tourism.
  • Value Propositions: Access to high-yield investments through $YAKS token utility and NFT ownership.
  • Customer Relationships: Built through exclusive offerings and token-holder benefits.
  • Application: The canvas illustrates YakDAO’s innovative approach to real estate on the blockchain, emphasizing unique value propositions and customer engagement.


  • Vision: Democratize access to high-yield recreational property investments.
  • Mission: Leverage DeFi and NFTs to open investment opportunities in luxury glamping experiences.
  • Objectives: Scale property portfolio, optimize booking yields, and increase token utility.
  • Strategies: Utilize strategies like premium booking for token holders, exclusive experience drops, and limited-edition NFT releases.
  • Tactics: Implement flash sales, gamified challenges, airdrops, and staking rewards.
  • Application: YakDAO’s VMOST aligns with its goal to revolutionize property investment through blockchain technology, prioritizing revenue streams and community governance.


  • Political: Monitoring and adapting to regulations around blockchain and real estate.
  • Economic: Capitalizing on the booming glamping market and blockchain’s potential.
  • Social: Engaging a community of outdoor enthusiasts and investors.
  • Technological: Implementing ERC-721A smart contracts for efficient NFT minting.
  • Legal: Ensuring compliance within the blockchain and real estate domains.
  • Environmental: Providing sustainable, eco-friendly glamping experiences.
  • Application: Assessing external factors to navigate YakDAO’s strategic positioning within the DeFi space.

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