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The brewery scenes in both Brevard and Asheville, North Carolina, are quite vibrant and offer a wide range of experiences for beer enthusiasts. Here’s a bit more about them, based on data up to 2021:

Brewery Scene in Asheville, NC

Asheville has been referred to as the “Napa Valley of Beer” and has often been named “Beer City USA” due to its bustling brewery scene. With a population of around 90,000, the city has one of the highest rates of breweries per capita in the U.S.

The breweries range from small nanobreweries to larger, nationally recognized brands. Many of them are located in the South Slope district, which has been nicknamed the “Brewery District.” The city’s breweries produce a wide range of beers, from traditional ales and lagers to more experimental brews and sours.

The city’s brewery scene is complemented by its robust food scene, with many breweries offering extensive food menus or hosting food trucks. The brewing culture in Asheville is closely tied to its overall culture, which is known for its focus on local craft, from art to food to music.

Asheville, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, has earned a reputation as the beer mecca of the East Coast. With over 40 breweries, it boasts the highest number of breweries per capita in the United States. Visitors can explore a vast array of styles and flavors, from hoppy IPAs to sour ales and barrel-aged stouts. The city’s commitment to sustainability and local ingredients further enhances the quality and uniqueness of its brews. Notable breweries to visit include Wicked Weed Brewing, Highland Brewing Company, and Sierra Nevada Brewing.

  1. Highland Brewing Company: Known as Asheville’s first brewery, Highland Brewing Company has been creating classic American-style ales since 1994.
  2. Green Man Brewery: One of the oldest breweries in Asheville, they are respected for consistently producing traditional English styles as well as innovative brews.
  3. Burial Beer Co.: Burial is known for its innovative and experimental brews, and its cozy, artistic atmosphere.
  4. Wicked Weed Brewing: Famous for its creative brews, Wicked Weed has a particular focus on West Coast-style hoppy ales and authentic Belgian ales.
  5. The Funkatorium: An offshoot of Wicked Weed, the Funkatorium specializes in barrel-aged and sour beers.
  6. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.: Located a bit outside of Asheville in Mills River, Sierra Nevada’s east coast brewery is an impressive facility known for its Pale Ale and other classic American beers.
  7. New Belgium Brewing Company: The second location of this famous Colorado brewery, New Belgium in Asheville is located right by the French Broad River and has a large selection of beers.
  8. Asheville Brewing Company: Known for their fun and creative beers, and also for their pizza. They operate a brewery, a pizza kitchen, and even a discount cinema.
  9. Hi-Wire Brewing: Known for producing approachable and balanced lagers and ales, Hi-Wire has two locations in Asheville.
  10. One World Brewing: A small-batch, hand-craft, nano-brewery located beneath Farm Burger in downtown Asheville, they offer a wide range of styles.

Brewery Scene in Brevard, NC

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Brevard is smaller than Asheville but has a strong brewing culture of its own. The town is known for its outdoor activities, and the breweries often reflect this in their atmosphere and ethos.

The breweries in Brevard offer a range of styles, with a particular emphasis on American-style ales and lagers. Perhaps the most well-known brewery in Brevard is Oskar Blues Brewery, which was the first craft brewery in the U.S. to distribute its beer in cans.

The town’s location near Pisgah National Forest and DuPont State Forest makes it an ideal spot for beer enthusiasts who also enjoy hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities. Many breweries in the area have outdoor seating, and some even have views of the surrounding mountains.

Situated just a short drive from Asheville, Brevard offers a charming small-town atmosphere with an impressive craft beer scene. Despite its modest size, Brevard hosts several renowned breweries that push the boundaries of flavor and technique. One standout is Oskar Blues Brewery, known for its craft cans and innovative recipes. Beer enthusiasts can savor a diverse range of brews, including experimental IPAs, lagers, and refreshing fruit-infused options. Brevard’s breweries often incorporate locally sourced ingredients, providing a true taste of the region.

Overall, both Asheville and Brevard offer a wide range of experiences for beer lovers. Whether you’re interested in traditional brews or more experimental offerings, there’s likely a brewery that will suit your tastes in either city.

  1. Brevard Brewing Company: Specializing in lagers, Brevard Brewing Company is a local favorite with a friendly atmosphere.
  2. Ecusta Brewing Company: Located near the Pisgah National Forest, Ecusta Brewing is known for their passion for outdoor activities and great beer.
  3. Oscar Blues Brewery: The East Coast outpost of this Colorado-based brewery, Oscar Blues in Brevard is known for its wide variety of canned beers, from Dale’s Pale Ale to complex stouts.

Brewery Scene in Hendersonville, NC

Hendersonville, NC:

Henderson, located in the heart of North Carolina’s picturesque countryside, is emerging as a hidden gem in the state’s craft beer landscape. The city offers a unique blend of traditional brewing styles and experimental flavors. Henderson’s breweries craft an assortment of beers that cater to diverse palates, ranging from classic ales and lagers to seasonal specialties and bold barrel-aged concoctions. A visit to Henderson’s breweries, such as Southern Appalachian Brewery and Sanctuary Brewing Company, promises a warm, friendly atmosphere combined with exceptional brews.

Hendersonville, while smaller than its neighbor Asheville, has a growing craft beer scene that offers its own unique charm. The breweries in Hendersonville are generally known for their wide variety of craft beers and welcoming atmospheres.

  1. Southern Appalachian Brewery: A family-owned and operated brewery that specializes in small-batch ales and lagers.
  2. Sanctuary Brewing Company: A unique brewery that combines great beer with animal advocacy, featuring a wide range of styles.
  3. Triskelion Brewing Company: Known for its creative, experimental brews, Triskelion is all about pushing boundaries in beer.
  4. Oklawaha Brewing Company: A local brewery that prides itself on creating “Hendersonville’s hometown beer,” focusing on traditional beer styles.

The brewery scenes in Asheville, Brevard, and Henderson exemplify North Carolina’s thriving craft beer culture. Each city offers a distinct experience, from Asheville’s impressive concentration of breweries to Brevard’s innovative craft cans and Henderson’s emerging craft beer destination status. Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or a curious traveler, these destinations provide a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the flavors and community spirit that make North Carolina’s breweries so captivating. Cheers to exploring the rich tapestry of brews in these charming cities!