YAK plans to develop community properties that will facilitate around

  • 25 luxury camping domes
  • Individual dome ownership through YAK DAO NFTs
  • Complete DAO governance

As a member, you can access your domes at any time of the year. YAK team will manage the property and produce income for you when you are not there.

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YAK DAO enables fractional ownership of recreational properties through an NFT membership driven process.

Investing in a YAK DAO property:


YAK community identifies a potential property that meets the criteria of access to amazing outdoors experiences and high booking revenues.


YAK moves forward to purchase the property with DAO treasury assets.


YAK develops a build out plan and costs for the property and applies those costs as a per glamping dome basis.


YAK community identifies a potential property that meets the criteria of access to amazing outdoors experiences and high booking revenues.


YAK releases a set of master NFT’s that represent a dome cost for that property.


After a period of 1 week, the master NFT’s are offered to the Everest YAK NFT tier. At this point the master Dome NFT is broken into 50 NFT’s that represent a fraction of the dome. This enables smaller investments to own a fraction of a structure. Mauna Kea YAKS who have committed to a full master NFT may also sell fractions of their dome during this period in order to offset some costs.


After a period of 1 week, any master NFT’s and fractional master NFT’s that are still available are offered to the K2 community.


Once the domes for the property have all been allocated, the build plan moves forward and the property opens for business.


The DAO performs all property maintenance, booking support, marketing, and financial management of the property. It is turnkey for NFT members. The DAO retains 18% of the dome revenues generated in order to cover its operating expenses. Whenever possible, the DAO may invest in owning a couple of domes at each property as well in order to scale its operational capabilities and property acquisition plans.


On a monthly basis, master NFT holders will receive proceeds from the domes production net 30. So for example all the rental fees that DAO collects for the month of March would be distributed to the NFT holders by April 30, less the 18% DAO management fees.

Staying at a YAK DAO property:

As a member, staying is encouraged. Discounts are applied based on your membership tier. As a Mauna Kea NFT member, if you maintain 100% ownership of your master NFT, you may stay at your dome for free whenever you choose. If you have sold fractions of your dome or are a fractional owner, you must book the dome with applicable discounts based on your membership tier. This ensures a fair and equitable distribution to all members of that dome.

What can a dome produce?:

Check out our first market review of Brevard, North Carolina where we are currently under contract for a beautiful 22 acres property. We have included market analysis using airdna data for the region.